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12/22/2014 Advent Weekday - December 22

O God, who, seeing the human race fallen into death, willed to redeem it by the coming of your Only Begotten Son... (Opening Prayer for Mass)

Lord God, in his epistle to the Romans Saint Paul informs us that in Christ creation has been set free from slavery to corruption shares in the glorious freedom of the children of God (8:21).  It may seem odd to focus on death just two days before celebrating Christ's birth, but death is a part of what we experience in life.  Jesus knew death through his foster-father Joseph, who He mourned with His mother.  He knew death through his friend Lazarus, who He raised.  He knew His own death. 

With Mary and Hannah, we rejoice in new life, our hearts exulting in the saving love of God know through a child's life.  And through the death and resurrection of Mary's child, Jesus, our lives and deaths may know the freedom of God's children.  May we know that You look with favor upon us as we celebrate Your favor Incarnate looking upon us with eyes of newborn wonder.       

O Come, O King of all the Nations, to save us, whom you formed from the dust!

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