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3/1/2015 Second Sunday of Lent

I will walk before the Lord, in the land of the living. (Responsorial Psalm 116:9)

Each year, on the second Sunday of Lent, we follow You, Jesus, up Mount Tabor to witness Your Transfiguration.  With Peter, James and John we briefly glimpse the eternal truth of Your glory, and see that in Your glory You are not alone.  You are in our midst, though Your presence of glory may seems cloudy, we hear the voice of God teaching us, "This is my beloved Son.  Listen to him."

How might we trust in Your presence in our midst?  With Moses we are guided by compassion for others in asking You for their good; we offer prayer of intercession.  With Elijah we are taught by repentance that Your love for us in personal, one-on-one; we offer prayer of contrition.  Repentance and compassion inform our ability to love our neighbors as we are loved ourselves.  You are beloved and we are beloved in You; may I listen to Your voice to better trust Your love so as to know how to follow You, loving You with my whole heart, soul, strength and mind.  You are for us; let me not be against Your love for me and Your love for my neighbor.  

Glory and praise to You, Lord Jesus Christ!

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