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9/5/2015 Saturday in the Twenty Second Week of Ordinary Time / Optional Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary

...provided that you persevere in the faith, firmly grounded, stable, and not shifting from the hope of the Gospel that you heard... (Colossians 1:23a)

Lord God, our perseverance will include repetition, necessary for the forming of any habit.  We can persevere in bad habits, vices, or good habits, virtues.  Often we are willing to focus on one particular area of the latter, allowing a number of the former to persevere unnoticed.

It is often claimed that multitasking reduces attention and productivity.  How do I treat my habit of prayer as a multitasking endeavor, inattentive to You because of what I need to focus on, and how can I allow persevering in my attention to you in spite of the attention's imperfection, to grow in recognition of how firmly You unite our daily experience and our devotion to You within it. 

Our Lady, Tower of Ivory, pray for us.

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