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Message From the Dean of the Athenaeum of Ohio


As the Dean of the Athenaeum of Ohio and as the Special Studies Dean, I invite you to grow in wisdom by enrolling in our classes and programs taught by our outstanding seminary faculty.

The motto of the Athenaeum is to grow in wisdom, age and grace - Proficere sapientia aetate et gratia - which has inspired thousands of our students and alumni to deepen their faith and better serve the Lord through their vocations.

Whether you are interested in earning a master's degree or taking classes for spiritual enrichment, the Athenaeum is here to help you. We offer degreed and  non-degreed programs through our Special Studies Division and Lay Pastoral Ministry Program.

The Special Studies Division of the Athenaeum provides a wide variety of educational programs, including three master's degree programs - in Biblical Studies, Catholic Studies and Theology. You may audit an individual class or take a course without being enrolled in a degree program.

The Lay Pastoral Ministry Program also provides excellent educational programs and includes field education and mentoring opportunities. Certificate courses are available at satellite campus locations throughout the Archdiocese.

Click the link for information regarding Special Studies offerings, our continuing education programs, workshops and lectures.

Click the link for more information about the Lay Pastoral Ministry Program.

Click the link to see the 2016 Spring Semester Course Offerings and Schedule.

Classes begin January 11, 2016 Register Online Now.

Visit our world class Eugen H. Maly Library where you will find a wealth of resources: books, journals, CDs, DVDs for your personal, acdemic and spiritual needs.

I look forward to hearing from you and would welcome an opportunity to discuss any of our courses or programs with you in person, by telephone, or via e-mail, so that you can grow in wisdom and deepen your faith!

Rev. David J. Endres, Ph.D.

Dean of the Athenaeum of Ohio
Special Studies Dean

Phone: (513) 231-2223 ext 172

Email: dendres@athenaeum.edu


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