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The Athenaeum of Ohio Speakers' Bureau


Dr. Terrance Callan, PhD

Position: Professor of Biblical Studies.

Topics/Areas of expertise: The New Testament; any of the writings included in the New Testament, especially the gospels, Acts, letters of Paul, 2 Peter and the book of Revelation; New Testament themes, especially the life and teaching of Jesus, the origin and early development of faith in Jesus, the relationship between early Christianity and Judaism, the life and theology of Paul, etc.

No specific expectations regarding stipend.



Rev. Earl Fernandes

Position: Seminary dean; assistant professor of moral theology.

Topics/Areas of expertise: Sexual and medical ethics; abortion, contraception, euthanasia, sacraments of healing (penance and anointing of the sick), and exorcism.

No specific expectations regarding stipend.



Dr. David Ruel Foster

Position: Assistant professor of philosophy

Topics: St. Thomas Aquinas, faith and reason, philosophy of person, seminary philosophy.

No stipend required.



Mr. Michael Gable

Position: Director of the Mission Office, Archdiocese of Cincinnati; adjunct faculty The Athenaeum of Ohio

Topics/Areas of expertise: Parish school issues, social justice, global solidarity, mission efforts with Gospel values, partnering with a mission parish; volunteer or lay missionary ministries, mission immersion trips, world religions and interreligious.

No specific expectation regarding stipend


Deacon Tracy Jamison, OCDS, PhD

Position: Assistant professor of philosophy.

Topics/areas of expertise: Philosophy, Carmelite spirituality.

No specific expectations regarding stipend.



Ms. Kathy Kaelin

Position: Director of Planned Giving

Topics: The Athenaeum and its role in the community; the mission of the Athenaeum; Giving to support the Athenaeum – time, talent, prayers and financial backing

No specific expectations regarding stipend.



Dr. Susan McGurgan

Position: Director, Lay Pastoral Ministry Program (LPMP)

Topics: Preaching/homiletics, lay ministry formation, Church history, women in the Church

No specific expectations regarding stipend


Dr. Tobias Nathe

Position: Director, St. James Project; Assistant Professor of Systematic and Moral Theology

Topics/Areas of Expertise:  Theology of Marriage and Family; Theological Anthropology; Christian States of Life; Sacraments; Sexual Ethics; Mariology; John Paul II; Hans Urs von Balthasar.  Also able to address:  Fundamental Theology and Fundamental Moral Theology; Christology; Ecclesiology; Spiritual Theology; Biblical Theology and Interpretation; The Book of Genesis; Philosophical Personalism; Metaphysics; Catholic Social Teaching; Bioethics.

Stipend negotiable



Mr. Kevin Prendergast

Position: Director, Master of Arts Program in Pastoral Counseling

Topic/Area of expertise: Counseling with a religious component

No expectations regarding stipend



Mr. Walt Schaefer

Position: Communications Director

Topics: The history of The Athenaeum of Ohio; an overview of the Athenaeum and its mission; media relations and communication

No specific expectations regarding stipends



Mr. Kevin Schmeising

Position: Lecturer in Church history

Topics: History of American Catholicism

Power Point availability preferred but not required

Stipend; $100 to $500 depending on situation; travel expenses if significant



Rev. Timothy P. Schehr

Position: Associate professor of Biblical Studies

Topics: The Bible and interpreting the Bible for Catholics

No specific expectations regarding stipend



Rev. Mr. L. H. Max Schellman

Position: Deacon, Good Shepherd Parish; Human Resources Manager, Procter & Gamble;

Lecturer in Pastoral Studies, The Athenaeum of Ohio

Topics: Human Resources from a Catholic perspective, leadership, The Diaconate and related topics.

Note: Flexible regarding topic areas.

No specific expectations regarding stipend.



The Rev. Michael A. Seger

Position: Associate Professor of Moral Theology, James J. Gardner Family Chair on Moral Theology

Topics: End of life care decisions, euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide; the American Catholic Bishops' Text: "Faithful Citizenship"; "Catholic social justice; Catholic vision of conscience; human sexuality; marriage and family in Catholic teaching"

Stipends required: $100.00 plus mileage within greater Cincinnati; $125 outside of Cincinnati (Lebanon north) plus mileage



Rev. Mr. David Shea

Position: Instructor in homiletics and marriage

Topics: Marriage, marriage preparation, marriage ministry in general; preaching in terms of process, models, methodology, preparation, expectations, the role of the congregation and new tools of congregational analysis.

No specific expectations regarding stipend.



Dr. William C. Wester, II

Position: Psychologist, professor of Counseling

Topics: Self hypnosis for everyday problems; anxiety and hypnosis; dealing with phobias using hypnosis; interpersonal communication for couples; enhancing sexual intimacy in marriage.


Stipend-$150 for a 45-60 min talk



Mr. Eric Wolf

Position: Instructor, Biblical Studies

Topics: The Bible:  Books or themes from the New Testament and especially the Old Testament, and the coherence of the Old and New Testaments.

No specific expectations regarding stipend.

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