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Alumni Ambassador Program


What Are Athenaeum Ambassadors?

Ambassadors are active ministers to those in their parish regarding vocations and act as intermediaries between the Athenaeum and parishioners interested in vocations and expanding their religious education. They promote committed vocations in their parish, and are not passive in any aspect of Catholic life in the Church. Ambassadors make a difference as they are good listeners and are able to communicate well. They are also persons seeking holiness through giving of themselves and loving those in their parish.

Ambassadors are motivated and encourage motivation among the parishioners in the continued growth and practice of chosen vocations. Ambassadors need to understand what vocation choices entail, and seek the means to create situations that will benefit the lives of their parish. Motivation comes in a lot of forms. Promotion can come from the Athenaeum, if sought. There are ways to promote an environment for vocations in every parish, and these can be exchanged among ambassadors. For example, praying for vocations, and more specifically for those being called, as well as parish prayers for family life, armed services personnel, special community jobs (police and fire personnel), those who are struggling and need support. Prayers can be offered for the clients of the SVDP society, those employed in dangerous work. Ambassadors should initiate and maintain dialogue with all ministry leaders in their parishes.

If the Ambassador has a handle on setting into motion prayer and worship responses to the lives being lived in their parish, their life will also be full, and holy.

The Ambassador must be a good communicator, and meet people easily. Behavior among the parish people must also compliment the pastor and be synchronous with him. As ambassadors quietly help in their parishes, they must listen well. It is advantageous to have a few others helping ambassadors as needed to carry out motivational activities within the parish. Be open, friendly, and loving in soliciting input from the parish. Ambassadors ask what they can do for their Church and what the Church can do for them.

Ambassadors may want to measure performance in order to correct or enrich their methods of interaction. Perhaps a spiritual director may help them open the doors needed in a parish. We all need a guide for our lives as well as a means for self-review. Just as in the game of golf, a person measures how well one is playing the game by the score and quality of play, so may an ambassador measure the effects of their interaction with the Athenaeum and parish.

Frequent examination of conscience may help ambassadors fulfill their mission in the parish -- No half hearted attempts; No excuses; be yourself and spread love. It will be returned in abundance.

Ambassadors also must have an enriched prayer life that will support their activities through frequent attendance at Mass and special services at the Athenaeum. It also is necessary to have a private prayer life through Liturgy of the Hours, Lectio, meditation and contemplative prayer, if desired.

Ambassadors are leaders by the nature of their assignment. They are people able to persuade others through gentle and kind words and example. Ambassadors should pause at times to look at their own lives, asking themselves, “Have I grown in this program? Have I helped others? Have I given my best?” Sometimes this can be answered by looking at the growth of the programs or activities or vocations that have been graced by God within your parish.

Ambassadors should elaborate on the power of delegation and the ease of encouraging others to pursue a vocation that will bring them closer to God. Look at how this fits with their desires and abilities. Not everyone is called to the same vocation. We are all from a different family and are called to fulfill what God wants for us.

Value of Communications

Ambassadors foster communication within their parish -- particularly with regard to the relationship between the Athenaeum and the parish. Ambassadors are alert to what is going on in their parish and what is happening at the Athenaeum that will be of interest or benefit to the parish.

They may use the parish bulletin or newsletter as a constant source of providing information to the parish. They will have access to the ambassador newsletter Faith in Action posted quarterly on the Athenaeum website www.athenaeum.edu and receive periodic emails from the Athenaeum that should be made known to all. They may wish to extract information from the email for use in the Sunday bulletin, or they may post items on the bulletin boards. They may also wish to send emails to specific organizations and people within the parish.

Ambassadors promote an awareness of special programs within the diocese and particularly those pertaining to vocations. While making the parish aware of what is happening at the Athenaeum, ambassadors also will seek from the Athenaeum those events or persons who will provide help for specific needs at their parish.

Ambassadors also may create special ways of communication within their parish.

They are the communications hub in the parish for vocations.

Growth Opportunities for Ambassadors
Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the contact person for the Ambassador Program at the Athenaeum of Ohio?

Walt Schaefer,
alumni liaison,

May I call on others involved in this program for additional information?

Absolutely, You are encouraged to get to know ambassadors serving in other parishes to share ideas and maintain dialogue. It is beneficial to meet with other ambassadors in your area of the archdiocese. Please refer to the ambassador handbook for contact information for each division of the Athenaeum and other important offices such as the advancement department and library. Do not hesitate to call.

How do I bring information about this program to my parish?

First of all, discuss your role as an ambassador with your pastor. He nominated you to fill this position in your parish. Meet with key ministry leaders in your parish to outline your role as dictated by the pastor.By all means, meet with the bulletin editor and newsletter editor if your parish publishes a newsletter.

Can a parish have more than one ambassador?

While ambassadors are encouraged to form a team of volunteers to address the importance of advancing the Athenaeum within each parish, only one person, chosen by the pastor, may serve as the parish's official Athenaeum ambassador.

What if I can't continue as an ambassador?

First, notify your pastor of your inability to continue service. Recommend to the pastor any individuals who you feel show the necessary abilities to be an ambassador. If you have volunteers helping you, you may want to recommend someone from that group. Notify the Athenaeum by calling Walt Schaefer, Athenaeum alumni liaison, at 513-233-6130 or wschaefer@athenaeum.edu

Does my pastor support the Athenaeum Ambassador Program?

Obviously your pastor supports the ambassador program. He chose you to fill the role in your parish. To maintain pastor support, ambassadors should keep the pastor informed of any initiatives they are undertaking in the parish on behalf of the Athenaeum and keep him informed of vocation development in the parish.

How frequently do ambassadors meet?

A member of the Athenaeum's Alumni Executive Committee will be assigned to represent each deanery in the Archdiocese to act as a point person and coordinate periodic ambassador meetings in geographical areas of the archdiocese. In addition, the Athenaeum will host an annual ambassador meeting on campus.

How much time should I commit to being an ambassador?

In one sense you are an ambassador 24/7 because you serve as the Athenaeum's delegate to your parish. In another sense, the time you devote is at your discretion. However, there are certain benchmarks or goals the Athenaeum expects to see accomplished such as increased awareness of the Athenaeum through parish publications; an increase in vocations to priest, deacon and lay ministry; programs or events to advance the mission of the Athenaeum to parishioners (ie: Athenaeum tours for parish groups; use of the Athenaeum speakers bureau in the parish; use of the Athenaeum library; attendance at Athenaeum Chorale performances; promoting and attending Athenaeum lectures). Ambassadors also are charged with displaying and/or distributing Athenaeum literature and encouraging subscriptions to The Athenaeum Magazine.

Parish Ambassador Roster

Saint Francis DeSales Deanery

Parish Ambassador Email
St. Agnes OPEN
St. Andrew OPEN
St. Anthony OPEN
St. Cecelia Marta Misleh lmisleh@fuse.net
St. Francis De Sales OPEN
Guardian Angels Bob Fey mfey@zoomtown.com
Holy Trinity George Freudenberg gables@current.net
Immaculate Heart of Mary Dave Shaffer dashaffer@cinci.rr.com
St. Jerome Ron Kienzle ron@st-jerome-cinci.org
St. John Fisher Tom Gaier minister87@yahoo.com
St. Margaret St. John Mary Mathers sjvoffice@fuse.net
St. Mark OPEN
St. Martin De Porres OPEN
St. Mary, Hyde Park OPEN
Nativity Sharon Groene nativitysecretary1@yahoo.com
Our Lord Christ the King Mary Alice Manley 737mary@fuse.net
St. Robert Bellarmine Flo DeWitt florencedewitt@yahoo.com
St. Rose Rev. Barry Windholtz strosecin@aol.com
St. Stephen OPEN
St. Veronica Tom Grant tgrant@zoomtown.com

St. Martin Deanery

Parish Ambassador Email
St. Angela Merici Maureen Kiley kilyinc@tds.net
St. Ann, Williamsburg Fr. Bryan Reif alleluia@fuse.net
St. Benignus OPEN
St. Bernadette Beth Himes streligioused@fuse.net
St. Columbkille OPEN
St. Elizabeth, Sardinia OPEN
St. George, Georgetown Joan St. Clair jstclair.sgchurch1@verison.net
Holy Trinity, Batavia Fr. Bryan Reif alleluia@fuse.net
Holy Trinity, West Union OPEN
St. Louis, Owensville OPEN
St. Mary, Arnheim Linda Mulvaney mulvaney_lin@yahoo.com
St. Mary Bethel OPEN
St. Mary, Hillsboro Paul Leibold pflwestend@hughes.net
St. Mary, Queen of Heaven OPEN
St. Michael, Mount Orab OPEN
St. Michael, Ripley OPEN
St. Peter, New Richmond OPEN
St. Philomena, Stonelick OPEN
St. Thomas More Michael Thomas mthomas@stm.org

St. Margaret Mary Deanery

Parish Ambassador Email
Assumption, Mount Healthy Rick Reder jmr5rpr@fuse.net
St. Bartholomew Fr. Pat Welsh frpat.welsh@fuse.net
St. Bernard, Winton Place Bob Ivory stbernardwp@fuse.net
St. Clare OPEN
St. Clement OPEN
Corpus Christi OPEN
St. Ignatius Loyola OPEN
St. James, White Oak Carol Maingot emaingot@stjameswhiteoak.com
St. James of the Valley Sharon Russo russo@stjamesvalley.org
St. John, Dry Ridge Kenneth R. Schnur kschnur@cinci.rr.com
St. John Neumann Ron Risch rsantel@isoc.net
St. Matthias OPEN kjklich@yahoo.com
Our Lady of the Rosary Kathy Klitech
St. Theresa, Little Flower OPEN
St. Vivian Katie Barbara kbarbara@cinci.rr.com

Hamilton Deanery

Parish Ambassador Email
St. Anoysius, Shandon OPEN
St. Ann, Hamilton Susan McAbee slmcabee@gmail.com
St. Augustine, Germantown Kenneth R. Stewart krstewart@woh.rr.com
St. Augustine, Waynesville Fr. Raymond Kammerer
Holy Name, Trenton Lawrence D. Gronas lgronas@zoomtown.com
Holy Family, Middletown Lois Allen lamkaallen@juno.com
St. Joseph, Hamilton James P. Finnigan jimfinnigan20@yahoo.com
St. Julie Billiart, Hamilton Mrs. G. Pate stjulia@fuse.net
St. Mary, Camden Cleo Gerber
St. Mary, Franklin Deacon Steve Bermick st.maryfranklin@sbcglobal.net
St. Mary, Oxford Michael Puglielli mpuglielli@stmaryoxfordohio.org
Our Lady of Sorrows Dr. Jessie Thomas danny42@fuse.net
St. Peter, Hamilton OPEN
Queen of Peace, Millville Mike Mignery qpchurch@fuse.net
Sacred Heart, Fairfield Brian Miller frtharp@sacredheart-fairfield.org
Visitation, Eaton OPEN
St. Ann, Groesbeck Florence Fisse ffisse@yahoo.com

Cathedral Deanery

Parish Ambassador Email
St. Peter in Chains Cathedral Lynn Marting lynn@stpeterinchainscathedral.org
Annunciation Rev. Todd Grogan klugann@fuse.net
Assumption (Walnuts Hills) Sr. V. Vondenberger victoriav@catholiccincinnati.org
St. Boniface Carol Russa croosa@fuse.net
St. Francis Seraph Kathy Symons kkaelin@athenaeum.edu
St. Francis Xavier Cindy Henderson gregf@americancatholic.org
Holy Cross/Immaculata Margaret Shank mshank@gchc.org
Holy Name Charlene Hall mgallagher7@juno.com
St. Joseph (West End) Cynthia Hill chill@cindyseller.com
St. Leo Rev. James R. Schutte stleocinti@aol.com
St. Louis Carol Pell carolp@cinci.rr.com
St. Mary OPEN
St. Monica/St. George Kathlee Addison kaddison@fuse.net
Mother of Christ Barbara Reed
Sacred Heart (Italian) Jim/Jan Geraci jgeraci@fuse.net
St. Augustine Germantown Dennis Finn finndp@msn.com

St. Lawrence Deanery

Parish Ambassador Email
St. Aloysius (Bridgetown) OPEN
St. Aloysius on the Ohio OPEN
St. Antoninus OPEN
St. Barnard (Taylor Creek) OPEN
St. Catherine OPEN
St. Dominic OPEN
Holy Family OPEN
St. John (Harrison) OPEN
St. Joseph (North Bend) OPEN
St. Jude OPEN
St. Lawrence OPEN
St. Martin of Tours OPEN
Our Lady of Lourdes OPEN
Our Lady of Victory OPEN
Our Lady of Visitation Marc A. Alexander malexander@cinci.rr.com
Resurrection OPEN
St. Simon OPEN
St. Teresa of Avila David P. Steinwert dsteinwert@fuse.net
St. Vincent De Paul OPEN
St. William OPEN

St. Andrew Deanery

Parish Ambassador Email
All Saints Bob Bell rbell@cinci.rr.com
St. Andrew, Milford Shirley Soellner ssoellner@fuse.net
St. Columban Richard Schuster rschuster@cinci.rr.com
St. Elizabeth Seton Edward Alten atsed@aol.com
St. Francis De Sales, Lebanon Sharon Faust sfaust@stfrancisdesales-lebanon.org
St. Gabriel Dcn. Gerald Flamm
St. Gertrude Christina McCarthy
Good Shepherd Barbara Litchfield barb@thelitchfields.net
St. John, West Chester John C. Dissel
St. John the Evangelist (DPark) Kevin M. Denzler
St. Margaret of York Ken Kabler skabler@cinci.rr.com
St. Maximilian Kolbe Dcn Jeff Merrell
St. Michael, Sharonville Herman W. Kneuven
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Dcn James Geraci jgerai@cinci.rr.com
Sts. Peter & Paul, Reading Charles W. Roemer
St. Philip, Morrow Thomas Shea earp3@ebarg_mil.com
St. Saviour OPEN
St. Susanna Miriam Jackobs mjackobs@gmail.com
St. Vincent Ferrer Bob & Sandie Wubbolding wubsrt@fuse.net

Sidney Deanery

Parish Ambassador Email
St. Boniface, Piqua Carol A. Roosa croosa@fuse.net
St. Denis, Versailles OPEN
Holy Angels, Sidney Joyce Goubeaux info@holyangelssidney.com
Holy Family, Frenchtown OPEN
Immaculate Conception, Botkins Thomas & Carol Schnippel
Immaculate Conception, Bradford OPEN
St. Lawrence, Rhine OPEN
St. Louis, North Star OPEN
St. Mary, Greenville Ann M. Kolb stmak@bizworth.rr.com
St. Mary, Piqua Anne S. Langsdale annelpasmf@sbcglobal.net
St. Michael, Ft. Loramie Ann Bollheimer annb@nflregion.org
St. Nicholas, Osgood OPEN johnkcarlin@hotmail.com
St. Patrick, Troy Dcn John K. Carlin
Sts. Peter & Paul, Newport Ann Bollheimer annb@nflregion.org
St. Remy, Russia Maria A. Hoehne stremy@voyager.net
Sacred Heart. McCartyville Barbara A. Riethman sachrt@bright.net
St. Teresa, Covington OPEN
Transfiguration OPEN

Springfield Deanery

Parish Ambassador Email
St. Augustine, Jamestown OPEN
St. Bernard, Springfield OPEN
St. Brigid, Xenia OPEN
St. Charles Borromeo, S. Charleston OPEN
Immaculate Conception, Lewisburg OPEN
St. Joseph, Springfield OPEN
Mary Help of Christians, Fairborn OPEN
St. Mary, Urbana OPEN
St. Mary of the Woods, Russels Point Dona Fisher dona@stmaryofthewoods.com
St. Michael, Mechanicsburg OPEN
St. Patrick, Bellefontaine OPEN
St. Paul, Yellow Springs OPEN
St. Raphael, Springfield OPEN
Sacred Heart, New Carlisle OPEN
St. Teresa, Springfield OPEN

Dayton Deanery

Parish Ambassador Email
St. Adalbert OPEN
St. Agnes OPEN
St. Albert the Great, Kettering David E. Zink dezink@woh.rr.com
St. Anthony OPEN
Ascension, Kettering OPEN
St. Benedict the Moor OPEN
St. Charles Borromeo, Kettering OPEN
St. Christopher, Vandalia OPEN
Corpus Chrusti OPEN
Emmanuel Fr. Leo L. Sciarrotta, SM parishoffice@ammanuelcatholic.com
St. Francis of Assisi Chris Rauch crauch@stcharles-kettering.org
St. Helen Marianne Balent Marianne.balent@sthelenparish.org
St. Henry OPEN
Holy Angels OPEN
Holy Cross OPEN
Holy Family OPEN
Holy Trinity Michael J. Leo mleo@woh.rr.com
Incarnation OPEN
St. John, Tipp City OPEN
St James/Resurrection OPEN
St. Joseph OPEN
St. Luke, Beavercreek William K. LeCain niacell943@aol.com
St. Mary OPEN
Our Lady of Good Hope OPEN
Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Ralph M. Gutman ralphmgutman@aol.com
Our Lady of Mercy OPEN
Our Lady of the Rosary OPEN
St. Paul, Englewood OPEN
St. Peter, Huber Heights David M. McCray d-m-mccray@woh.rr.com
Precious Blood Dale J. DeBrosse daleanddeb@live.com
Queen of Apostles Deacon G. J. Cerere gacohio@sbcglobal.net
Queen of Martyrs OPEN
St. Rita OPEN
St. Stephen OPEN

St. Mary's Deanery

Parish Ambassador Email
St. Aloysius, Carthegena OPEN
St. Anthony, St. Anthony OPEN
St. Augustine. Minster Dcn. Roger L. Klosteri rogk1@adelphia.net
St. Bernard, Burkettsville OPEN
St. Francis, Cranberry Prairie OPEN
St. Henry, St. Henry OPEN
Holy Redeemer, New Bremen Christopher Killian ckil@nktelco.net
Holy Rosary, St. Mary's Marty Brown martybrown@watchtv.net
Holy Trinity, Coldwater OPEN
Immaculate Conception, Celina Ann Hull ann@celina-ic.org
St. John, Fryburg OPEN
St. John, Maria Stein OPEN
St. Joseph, Egypt OPEN
St. Joseph, St. Joseph Dcn John Parker parkerrjp@verizon.net
St. Joseph, Wapakoneta OPEN
Mary Help of Christians, Ft. Recovery OPEN
St. Mary, Philothea OPEN
Nativity of the B.V.M., Casella OPEN
Our Lady of Guadalupe, Montezuma Linda Schulze
St. Patrick, Glynwood OPEN
St. Paul, Sharpsburg OPEN
St. Peter, St. Peter OPEN
Precious Blood, Chickasaw OPEN
St. Rose, St Rose OPEN
St. Sebastian, St. Sebastian OPEN
St. Teresa, Rockford OPEN
St. Wendelin, St. Wendelin OPEN
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